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What are the different benefits and harms of each type of “banana”?

Bananas, bananas, bananas, and other types of banana have the same key nutrients, but some things are different. Some people’s health may be more suitable for certain types of bananas. As a consumer We all know that each type of banana each species The taste is similar but different. Some

What are the differences between the RSV virus and the common cold?

Symptoms of RSV infection are very similar to the common cold, but if you have Respiratory Syncytial Virus and don’t get treatment quickly, There may be severe symptoms. Especially with young children The RSV virus is more common in young children than in adults. If you do not observe

The dangers of “caffeine”

Chocolate, soft drinks, coffee, and more are favorites of caffeine lovers. Caffeine is a common addictive substance. The website estimates that more than 50 percent of adults drink coffee regularly. and 25 percent of them drank occasionally. One recent survey of 10,000 caffeine drinkers found that